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Joy of the Lord- South Sudan

It is wonderful to share about our mission trip to South Sudan and the impact it had on the local church and people. It is clear that the South Sudanese church leaders and the community were eagerly awaiting the message of faith, peace, reconciliation, and transformation that we brought.

The obstacles we faced in organising the mission trip only serves to highlight the faith and perseverance of the South Sudanese people and their reliance on God. Despite the hardships they have endured, they have held onto their belief in Jesus and found hope and strength in Him.

The interactive sessions and training we conducted were clearly meaningful and impactful. Sharing stories of the Sudanese people and their experiences of war and suffering allowed for a deep connection and understanding of their struggles. The emphasis on discipleship and the Great Commission resonated with the delegates, and their enthusiasm to share what they had learned is a testament to their desire to bring about change and share the message of Christ in their communities.

The realisation of the challenging conditions in South Sudan, such as the lack of infrastructure and basic amenities, seems to have humbled me and made me grateful for what we have in South Africa. It is a valuable perspective to recognise and appreciate the blessings in our own lives, even amidst inconveniences and difficulties.

We pray for the outpouring of blessings and the work of the Holy Spirit in South Sudan reflecting a genuine desire to see God’s kingdom grow in that nation. Despite the challenges faced in our home country, we recognised that God does not depend on worldly circumstances but works through those who seek His heart.

Overall, our account highlights the power of faith, the resilience of the South Sudanese people, and the transformative impact of the message of Jesus. May God continue to bless the people of South Sudan and guide them on their path of faith and hope.

Koliwe Matomane


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